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About Us

Our aim is to provide early intervention service to assist the service user achieve a timely recovery and return to work or function following injury.

Our practice service is led by Senior Specialist physiotherapist working full time in a local Acute Hospitals. We have experienced specialist orthopaedics and chronic physiotherapist currently working in the local NHS Acute Hospital. The service is supported by other dedicated physiotherapists. Specifically we have an experienced senior specialist Neuro Physiotherapist that provides excellent rehabilitation to our stroke patients

Our service is presently based in local GPs centres in our areas. We work together with the members of the health provider team such as Doctors, Nurses and Occupational Therapist. Due to our commitment and the quality of service that we provide, our present case load/referral is increasing through recommendations from our past clients and the health professionals that have trust in our service.

The Proposed Service Principles

  • To provide thorough physiotherapy assessment to adults with both acute and chronic musculoskeletal problems
  • To provide appropriate treatment based on clinical findings to the patient with musculoskeletal disorders using current evidenced based practice.
  • To supports patient with chronic pain conditions manage their conditions using available evidenced based practice through our rehabilitation approach.
  • In the field of physiotherapy the traditional treatment approaches to chronic pain have been less than rewarding. Based on our experience, we can provide a chronic rehabilitation programme to meet the needs of those patients with chronic painful conditions
  • We specialise in the provision of outpatient musculoskeletal services to patients suffering with soft tissue injury and spinal problems.
  • We also have an experienced specialist physiotherapist in the field of neurological rehabilitation. Our aim is to provide high standards of care to improve our patients quality of life, by maximising the potential of the affected parts of the body.
  • To deliver prompt and clinically effective treatments, that prevent avoidable secondary complications and reduces the need for more costly interventions
  • To provide community services that have strong emphasis on patient education and self-management, thereby promoting active, healthy lifestyles and reducing recurrence of injury or illness.
  • To support and guide chronic pain patient through their journey to functional recovery.
  • To deliver effective treatment approach in line with the NICE guidelines reduce the demand on secondary care services.
  • To provide services in the community and sometimes in patient home by encouraging patient to be actively involved in their own care
  • Provide prompt post-operative rehabilitation care for orthopaedic patients such joint stiffness and muscle weakness

Aims Chronic Pain Consultation

  • Assessments and physiotherapy treatment to improve flexibility, muscle strength, agility and general fitness to improve mobility and posture
  • Challenge patient thoughts and beliefs in order to improve mood and confidence especially in patients chronic painful conditions
  • Help you to reduce the effects of pain on family and improve social relationships
  • Independence and maintenance of treatment gains.
  • We will discuss different coping strategies and guide you all the way to achieving your goals.
  • To increase activity and participation; and encourage self-management.
  • To achieve an appropriate balance between activity and rest in order to avoid increase patient symptoms

For more information on the conditions we treat and services we offer, or to book an appointment please call or text: 07540 114807 or 077 935 450 42 or email us at info@scopephysiotherapy.co.uk

What we treat
What we treat
We are experts at treating a broad range of problems affecting joints and muscles.

Sports massage
Sports massage
Relieve tension, soreness and swelling. Our sports massages can reduce your pain and improve your recovery time.
Exercise programmes
Exercise programmes
We design exercise programmes that are tailored to meet your needs. We work with you to help you reach your goals.
Benefits of acupuncture include pain relief, addictions and hormonal changes. Find out today if acupuncture can help you.